Thursday, June 12, 2014

Haul: MAC Osbourne Collection Part One

Its finally here. So from my previous post I mentioned that I called my local mac counter to pre sale these babies and I'm so thankful I did!  I went early this morning at 10am when Nordstrom opened and even at the time there was already people outside waiting to get in.  Several things sold out before they even got to help me and some people waiting were upset. Anyways there will be a follow up post on some things I was able to grab online from Nordstrom when they launched on Monday (still haven't received package)
(strip poker, riot house, dodgy girl, kelly yum yum)
I ended up getting all 4 lipsticks. So far I have only used strip poker. At first the color seems a little too light but its just something I need to get used to. Its matte so its a bit drying :/
(cheeky bugger, peaches & cream)
Both blushes look amazing, still haven't swatched them lol

This concludes this haul. Will be doing single posts on each item swatched on lips/face and also hand swatch.  But for now time to bathe my babies and call it a night.


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