Sunday, June 15, 2014

Haul: MAC Pedro Lorenco Collection Peach Beige Lipstick

I wasn't going to make a post of this simply because I am going to return this item. Unfortunately the color is way too light for my skin. I think this would suit very light skin tones.  This collection appealed to me because it was neutral, lipsticks were an amplified finish and lastly because the designers last name is my maiden name.

As you can see the lipstick is just way too light. I will try using perhaps a darker nude lip liner to see if it better suits me but if it doesn't than for sure its going back. Did you grab anything? Let me know in the comments. Until next time hope you had a great fathers day weekend.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Haul: MAC Osbourne Collection Part One

Its finally here. So from my previous post I mentioned that I called my local mac counter to pre sale these babies and I'm so thankful I did!  I went early this morning at 10am when Nordstrom opened and even at the time there was already people outside waiting to get in.  Several things sold out before they even got to help me and some people waiting were upset. Anyways there will be a follow up post on some things I was able to grab online from Nordstrom when they launched on Monday (still haven't received package)
(strip poker, riot house, dodgy girl, kelly yum yum)
I ended up getting all 4 lipsticks. So far I have only used strip poker. At first the color seems a little too light but its just something I need to get used to. Its matte so its a bit drying :/
(cheeky bugger, peaches & cream)
Both blushes look amazing, still haven't swatched them lol

This concludes this haul. Will be doing single posts on each item swatched on lips/face and also hand swatch.  But for now time to bathe my babies and call it a night.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

may favorites ♥

may is over and here are my favorites for the month.
1. anastasia beverly hills contour kit
I have been obsessed with banana for setting my under eye concealer and fawn to contour with. Haven't played too much with the other shades but so far banana and fawn are my favs!
2. elf studio face makeup mist and set
My makeup seems to stay in place very well, especially the elf cream eyeliner, it smudges less. As far as the makeup staying longer, it helps but definitely I see it fade by the 10th hour or so-yes i have my makeup on all day.
3. elf acne fighting foundation
I LOVE this stuff. Amazing coverage and so lightweight on the skin. As I mentioned in my review, you can easily cake it up so be careful!
4. elf mineral revitalizing mist
honestly I am kind of obsessed now. I use it on the days that i have the no makeup makeup look. I use this to refresh my face and is very similar to macs charged water.
5. elf cream eyeliner
i have a love-hate relationship with this. I found the perfect brush to use and applies it wonderfully however i find that it smudges and by the 3rd hour i see it on my lid crease :( Again as I mentioned the elf studio face makeup mist and set has helped it from creasing but only prolongs the time and i see it creasing not until the 6th hour or so.
6. mac cream color base in tickle me pink
this is by far my favorite cream blush to apply when its really really hot. i love the fact that it doesn't move and it does last all day. plus it can also be used as a lip color too!
7. bobbi brown bb cream spf 35
i absolutely love this stuff! perfect coverage and lightweight plus it has spf. 
8. elf bb cream
another bb cream i've been obsessed over for the past months. this stuff has amazing coverage too but now that i have the bobbi brown bb cream i tend to use this less simply because i've noticed the smell a lot more( it always had a strong scent that i didn't mind but because the bobbi brown doesn't have it i think i notice it more now)
9. elf body shimmer in blazing bronze
honestly this is something i discovered in my collection and i cant believe it took me this long to use it. great cream contour color. although it has shimmer it blends out well on the skin and leaves a glow more than a shimmer. also the packaging/applicator part is ideal for the hollows of my cheeks.
10. hourglass radiant powder
i think this has become my HG setting powder next to my mac msf natural. i did get several compliments when i wore this. i think it just gives that perfect sheen finish to your skin.

That rounds up my favorites. I did make a video but I am not sure if I'll have time to edit and post so in the meantime i decided a blog post would do. as always have a great evening.


**picture and opinions are my own**

Friday, May 30, 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Collection Wishlist

MAC has done it again! Have in mind that its Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Collection, however I was mostly intrigued in what was in Kelly's Collection(hence the title of the post) and I didn't want to confuse any of you who either didn't know or thought they were releasing separately. This collection is set to launch Monday June 2nd online. I am excited because Nordys is also launching it the same day and hits Nordstrom stores on Thursday June 5th. I was going to call my local Nordstrom counter to have them presale for me, but now that I confirmed with Nordstrom beauty chat I will be sure to shop online and use ebates to earn cash back!  So she lied to me lol. It launches on the 9th online and 12th at the store.  So because I saw how fast the items went on I decided to call my counter and have them hold the items for me. I will still try to buy the items online so i can use ebates.

Now to my wishlist, lets get started:
(left to right)
strip poker (matte)
dodgy girl  (satin, not getting)
kelly yum-yum  (satin)
riot house (matte)


 Kelly- Cheeky Bugger
Sharon- Peach & Cream

These are the products for sure I am getting unless they sell out.  I am still contemplating whether I should get the MSFs, quads and some brushes. I probably wont just because I did spend quite a lot for the mac alluring aquatic collection.  Anyhow what are you planning to get or will you skip the collection?  Temptalia has some swatches up if any of you are interested. Well goodnight for now and enjoy your weekend!

**pictures were taken from, all opinions are my own**

Thursday, May 29, 2014

mac alluring aquatic collection haul

MAC Cosmetics always is releasing collections throughout the year and the ones I get most excited about are the summer collections. This years packaging for their collection is mind blowing.  I was sold with the packaging.  Unfortunately the products released, besides the eye shadows, were more suitable for medium to lighter skin tones.  I picked up both blushes, both extra dimensional bronzers and one bronzing powder (because I own the other from a previous years collection).

extra dimension bronzers:
aphrodite's shell(left)/delphic(right)

aphrodite's shell bronzer
 delphic bronzer

extra dimension blushes:
 seduced at sea(left)/sea me, hear me(right)
seduced at sea
sea me, hear me

Bronzing Powder in Golden

That's it for now.  I will be following up with a post that includes a few eye shadows and one lipstick that is currently backordered on Nordstrom. Let me know if you picked anything from the collection. Lke always have a great week.

**purchased with my own money. pictures and opinions are my own **

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

sephora && nordys beauty haul

Let me begin with that I do realize that I've been shopping WAY too much.  My sister was receiving 20% off at Sephora and she offered to get me a few things so of course I couldn't say no.  Then Nordstrom finally carried items i wanted and i also ended up getting the correct shades of foundation/bb cream from my previous haul that i had mentioned i was going to be returning (because I have used the bobbi brown bb cream, I opted not to feature it in this haul). I dont think I will be doing videos on this nor the next haul post because i did realize my videos are consisting of too many hauls and I don't want to come off the wrong way. So lets get started with what I bought!

So that rounds up what I purchased. I will feature these products in the near future now that I've shared them with you :). Until next time, have a great week!

**purchased with my own money. pictures and opinions are my own **

Thursday, April 3, 2014

march beauty favorites

march is over so its time to share what i have loved and used for the month.  i kept my makeup very conservative so i don't have many products to share so it will be short :)

9. mac viva glam gaga 2 lipstick
11. mac close contact lipstick